Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

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Pool tables are heavy, large and awkwardly shaped. The cloth surface is so delicate that it could be damaged easily. So moving a pool table calls for specialist skills and expertise. Easy Way Moves are trusted pool table movers in Melbourne with over 15 years of experience. We have the skills and the equipment to provide a hassle-free pool table removal.

When you are looking to move your pool table, make Easy Way Moves your preferred choice. We assure you of an affordable removal while at the same time ensuring a professional service. We have successfully removed hundreds of pool tables and have gained in-depth expertise in this area.

Whether you are a pool parlour relocating your business premises or a home owner preparing to move homes, we are here to provide a reliable and professional service.

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Pool Table Removalists Melbourne

Billiard Table Removals Melbourne

A full-sized billiard table weighs about 1000kgs and transporting it is no mean task. It involves adhering to some very stringent OH&S rules. If an untrained person even attempts to move a billiard table, it can result in injury. Add to that the additional considerations of dismantling and reassembling it and you’re looking at a complex, in-depth task that is best left to the professionals.

Whether you are moving within Melbourne or interstate, we can ensure a safe, hassle-free relocation. At Easy Way Moves, we are committed to providing a hassle-free, pleasant experience to our customers. Your peace of mind is our top priority. That’s why we come equipped with the necessary tools for a professional and systematic billiard table removal.

We Come Prepared

Moving a table isn’t the right time for DIY projects or experiments. With a proven track record of moving bulky and large items, our removalists can completely take the stress out of the task. Whether your pool table is located on the first storey of your home or it needs to be moved up several stairs, our team has you covered.

In most cases, the pool table will have to be partially disassembled to make the transit possible. Our team has the experience and the skill to:

  • Remove the legs from the pool or billiard table.
  • Safely move the table across your home on a trolley.
  • Lift it safely into our truck with the help of a hydraulic hoist.
  • Secure it safely in our truck for moving it to the new location.
  • Safely take it out of the truck and reassemble it in its new place.

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When you are looking to move your pool table safely, look no further than Easy Way Moves. Our reliable and experienced team will move your table quickly, safely and efficiently without causing any damage.

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